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lucrèce is the next exhibition in our space et al. Opening on Thursday 30 May, 7PM

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New call for Residency #003 Apply until 31.05.2024!!! More info here

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et al. will be open every Sunday from 11AM until 6PM or at any other moment on request! don't hesitate to contact us info@architecturecuratingpractice.com

We develop architecture as a cultural practice through the realisation of various formats such as residencies, books, exhibitions and discussions.

Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-2BnqXkMt3RiY4mpzWkIj6d
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-6nDjT6cSaYmxFhPWkvQSwd
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-2whvTOiZMQcvUMI9wdrIPK
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-32lMyL8jXpNYP7OVm8kUcN
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-1cA6jKxqUbJjIzn2dIBJDN
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-1FN3heyMk5RJAIBsmgmAr5
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-6gdmJ5PjF7WZhVPkLNNVvv
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-2cKwGokA8xlVev2C3A6sue
Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague-3cynfwOSvSudxOe2GB1XdT

Pastoor van Ars Church, The Hague

A Timeless Sacral Space by Aldo van Eyck

Edited by Architecture Curating Practice Texts by Francis Strauven Graphic design by Bart de Haas Lithography by Laetitia Gendre

Supported by Flanders Authorities, Creative Industries Fund, University Foundation

In English, In Dutch Published in December 2022 By Aldo+Hannie van Eyck Foundation, Architecture Curating Practice, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König

Maxime Delvaux-7KfLJP6MlF3M17VfuJigZa
Maxime Delvaux-9WFsYi0xJWn0htqrvKY6h
Maxime Delvaux-7bPKtuHPgJry2ZUzAp3cyt
Maxime Delvaux-7oLruDP73ZvVmnX9FIcbFo
Maxime Delvaux-1D8XOfil3xqxdfAGvRfwaj
Maxime Delvaux-6J5MOOa2opMGjl3SEjgCPy
Maxime Delvaux-4iEtYrQSeP1uyPOENXn816
Maxime Delvaux-1Nl94TFDa9YDf3FZA5XvwG
Maxime Delvaux-2KB6oAJ0OZ2bI0f3CkRFa7
Maxime Delvaux-12bqRNEh0gJtRRUiSU3O1Q
Maxime Delvaux-2CoAQYhSlEae2rlulBuoDT

Maxime Delvaux

Château de Chambord, Dilmun Burial Mounds, Jože Plečnik, Río Tinto, Victor Horta

Edited by Sophie Dars, Roxane Le Grelle, Carlo Menon, Iwan Strauven Pictures by Maxime Delvaux Texts by Grégoire Motte, Ali Ismail Karimi, Jure Grohar, Radim Louda, Felipe Gómez Gómez, Iwan Strauven and Maarten Delbeke Graphic design by Orfée Grandhomme and Ismaël Bennani (Überknackig)

Supported by Flemish Government - Flanders State of the Art, Architecture cell of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

In English Published in June 2023 By Accattone, Architecture Curating Practice and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König

Jacques Moeschal-64LSh2HS22PgJAgJuH4Kc6
Jacques Moeschal-4pfWAEuzf4QPZj8T8F8oG9
Jacques Moeschal-7oYRYBSnn4oF4Bvi77naM3
Jacques Moeschal-2VAS5RCJCyExq59ZQpypKC
Jacques Moeschal-3EgsOu2odmhxGEp9z3OZ34
Jacques Moeschal-3FkEfulmLboeF7SM58Ec2k
Jacques Moeschal-2PbrQO7kj8Sl5NcGQfvi2B
Jacques Moeschal-5GO8Q5A0HNvEeOLDXMaSIy
Jacques Moeschal-4aeEq4IHH0y8xkJEzNnzgZ
Jacques Moeschal-26ArTZ4WIiI6imyuMLl75l

Jacques Moeschal

Edited by Angelique Campens, Roxane Le Grelle and Iwan Strauven Texts by Angelique Campens, Francelle Cane, Valéry Didelon, Sophie Lauwers, Roxane Le Grelle, Jacques Moeschal, Iwan Strauven Graphic design by Justine De Spiegelaere Photography by Kasper Akhøj, Maxime Delvaux, Adrien de Hemptinne, Barney Kulok Lithography by Laetitia Gendre

Supported by Flemish Government, urban.brussels, Brussels Capital Region, City of Brussels, Architecture cell of the Brussels-Wallonia Federation

In English Published in May 2021 By Architecture Curating Practice, BOZAR BOOKS, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König

Objects of Fascination-6Ngnvx7bvvWHbCt5cyUz8k
Objects of Fascination-1kGLgElcQIffV88z3Xm2u7
Objects of Fascination-51X8FHbqJoIxrn9RbIHTQc
Objects of Fascination-3O6KF2dxY3IUs9yXpPzbNX
Objects of Fascination-1NjJ95Vzvjcm75AEhTLxB7
Objects of Fascination-H4hrFhKB2xNxKFD03bWkm
Objects of Fascination-6qkcQw1PYVqJxUFvgavnFe
Objects of Fascination-IVLaQ4eQ0ZwQlcMPpjPwx
Objects of Fascination-4smBRhmcLVzK9lplHnjeOD
Objects of Fascination-432Gf9GdRctRVTBgSZWpKs
Objects of Fascination-4kIg8cyBxsvrkaG1jgufHF
Objects of Fascination-1wt2huqCW6UwtfKWeMQqLW

Objects of Fascination

A project initiated by CENTRAL office for architecture and urbanism (Radim Louda, Paul Mouchet & Valentin Piret), Maxime Delvaux and UR (Chloé Valadié & Gaétan Brunet) in March 2020.

Edited by Sophie Dars and Roxane Le Grelle Graphic design by Studio Manuel Reader Photography by Maxime Delvaux

Supported by the Flemish Government

In English Published in November 2021 By Accattone, Architecture Curating Practice

Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-4FhcqEg7W687XogDyWZXsD
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-StCuCSvl7kf9XA1ImGQNo
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-3I1bRafw3r02epFB9VySq3
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-2cQkBMrXrxiXJfYXsDgz3v
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-3omIYDAxpWXQjXuA36KOOH
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-2KwrLrdU418GwDPcSZ76s0
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-6Bxb4HqbOnunFA6HYx66DX
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-24d6zQWAIxVn4pIk3dAesh
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-5ElJQQMZ7Xa4KWn5ETdSNc
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-3xndCXEFosJJl6FJaQULHJ
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-7HGH38XzG76pVDXB444Szy
Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962-4zwyANmjsw5bHCxcLoEAp8

Victor Bourgeois 1897-1962

Modernity, Tradition & Neutrality

Texts by Iwan Strauven Photographies by Maxime Delvaux assisted by Adrien De Hemptinne Graphic design by Jurgen Persijn (N.N.)

Supported by the Flemish Authorities, urban.brussels, Wallonia-Brussels Federation, City of Charleroi, Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University Foundation, Febelcem

In English Published in February 2021 By NAI 010 publishers in association with CIVA, Brussels and Architecture Curating Practice