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Call for Residency #003-0
Call for Residency #003-0
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Call for Residency #003


Architecture Curating Practice launches a second international call for residency for architects.

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Date25.04.2024 - 31.05.2024

The residency program organised by Architecture Curating Practice is a five-month residency offered twice a year to young or established architects. The main ambition of the residency is to offer a purposeful long-term support to architects to develop a meaningful research and production of their interest related to the architecture discipline. The projects should be experimental and composed of two distinctive parts: a documented research on the proposed subject and a physical production that could take various aspects and forms including, amongst others, objects, installations, sculptures, texts, video works, models, …

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The program is accompanied by at least two public events — debates, lectures, round tables, discussions, … — relating to the developed topic to serve and nourish the work of the resident. At the end of the residency the produced work is to be presented to the public in an exhibition running from one day to several weeks. All these events will be curated and organised in collaboration with Architecture Curating Practice and will take place in the exhibition space et al. located in the city centre of Brussels.

Emphasis is placed on the location of the (exhibition and working) space in Brussels but also on the relations that can be created with the Belgian context. Brussels is bursting! It is one of the most interesting scenes for (emerging) artists and architects and therefore an enriching environment to work in. During the whole residency, a working space is made available in the architecture gallery et al. located in the city centre of Brussels.

The residents are expected to work independently and are concerned with architecture. They should have a critical point of view on the current state and trends of the discipline. There is no obligation to stay in Brussels during the time of the residency, but participants are encouraged to attend to the cultural activities in Brussels and Belgium.

Residencies run from September through January, and from February through June. Every residency ends with the presentation of the completed work in an exhibition of one day or several weeks organised in the exhibition space et al.Documentation of the research and the exhibition will then permanently be shown on the website of Architecture Curating Practice. Produced works will be kept and stored at et al. and become part of the space’s collection.

A jury composed by the founding members of Architecture Curating Practice and two external guests will select the winning application from the submissions received. They will also be accompanying the resident during the entire process by giving feedback on the work and facilitate access and contact with the Belgian network.

This residency program is funded by the Flemish Government in cooperation with Architecture Curating Practice and organised in the exhibition space et al.